I've been buying your Artisanal Sopressata for several years at a market near my cousins, when there wasn't enough, only 6 I told my cousin who the manufacturer was, he told me your factory was not far from him, so the next day we visited your plant where I meet Vincenzo, he made me feel like family, I bought 9 more Sopressata and 4 cacciatores, he gave me your business card and I gave him my card. Your products are amazing and can't be found in NY, I suggested to open a store or to expand into New York, I'm sure it would be hard to keep up with the demands, since it's that good, I would be willing to help, if I can, do anything, even just to promote it, he left that much of an impression on me. Vincenzo you're the best and so is Prosciuttificio Johnny's products!😍👍🏻👮🏻
Steven Ionta, https://www.facebook.com/skionta

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